Electromagnetic Flowmeter

Full bore flow meter is a cost effective Electromagnetic Flow meter for conductive liquids such as Raw Water, Chilled water, effluents, Potable water and industrial chemicals. Using time proven electromagnetic flow metering principle, flow meters are available for pipes from ½ “ NB to 12” NB. Since there are no moving parts, the Electromagnetic Flow meter gives years of maintenance free service. It’s performance is independent of temperature, pressure, density and viscosity of medium. The flow meter is obstruction less and hence the pressure drop is almost negligible.

The Electromagnetic Flow Meters, offered by us, work as per the

Electromagnetic Flowmeter

working principle of is based on Faraday's Law of Electromagnetic Induction: Conductive liquid cutting the magnetic lines movement in magnetic field and generate induced potential

The inside lining of the measuring tube of the flowmeter is the insulant which is non-magnetic conduction alloy tube. The two electrodes is installed vertically with axial flow direction. The electrode tip is paralleled with the inner tube surface. When the magnet exciting coil underways square-wave pulse by two-direction, it will produce one magnetic field with a intensity of magnetic flux as B. At this time when there is one fluid with a certain conductivity flow through the measuring tube, the incising magnetic line of force responsively produce electromotive force E When the conductive fluid pass the tube with the inner diameter D with the average velocity of flow: V(m/s), there is existing one field with the uniform intensity of magnetic flux as B. So it could sense the electromotive force E which is vertical with the electromagnetic direction and flow direction smart flow technology ensuring excellent performance and reliability. Additionally, customers are eased with the availability of the Electromagnetic Water Flow Meters as no alternative is available in terms of quality and performance.


  • High Accuracy Flow metering, electromagnetic flow sensor adopting PFA lining technology which is resistant to high pressure and negative pressure is specially applicable in industries of oil, chemistry, etc
  • Optional Digital Transmission
  • Isolated 4 to 20 mA current output, 2 Line Alpha numeric back lit display
  • IP 65 Field / Wall mounted Enclosure -- Flange / sandwich type mounting
  • Measurement is independent of fluid density, humidity, temperature, pressure and conductivity
  • There are no obstacle elements in the conduit, no pressure drop the requirement of straight pipe is low.
  • Flow Meter makes it easy to read in the sun or in the dark room
  • Operates over wide range of Pressure and Temperature.
  • Low cost against highest quality.
  • These Flowmeters are calibrated as per ISO 9104 in conformity with ISO 4185/8316


  • Petroleum
  • Chemical Engineering
  • Iron and Steel
  • Food Electric Power
  • Papermaking
  • Water Treatment
  • Petro-chemistry
  • Medicine

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