Vortex Flowmeter

Water Flowmeter

Vortex Mass flowmeter are vibration meters. Flowmeter is used to measure the flow of liquids, Gases or Steam in pipelines. Its characteristics are no pressure loss, no moving parts and no maintenance. They can measure and control various liquid (e.g.: water, oil, petroleum, alcohol, acid, alkali and different chemical fluids) gas (e.g.: air, oxygen, N2, natural gas, coal gas), and steam (e.g.: saturation steam, overheated water vapor).

Though it is similar to Electro Magnetic Flowmeter the one advantage Vortex Meter has over EMF is the medium need not be conductive as in the case of EMF. This flowmeter adopts piezoelectric sensor, has high reliability, and works with in –200 C to +2500

C. It gives standard analogue signal (4 ~ 20mA) or Digital pulse signal outputs. It is compatible with digital systems like Computer, DCS Systems, Dataloggers, etc

The principle of operation of vortex flowmeter

Vortex Flowmeter is based on “Karman” principle. Flow transmitter is composed of a body with the same nominal diameter and a column with triangular transect. When a column object placed in flowing fluids ( including gas and liquid ) in pipe, a series of vortexes will be generated alternately on each side of the object. The flexural vibration of the Vortex-shedding body is picked up in the primary head via sensors and analyzed in the signal converter. In the case of the gaseous, flowing media, the vibration frequency ranges between 10 and 7000 Hz


  • No moving parts
  • Cell power and reduce your engineering design headaches
  • Low power: more than one year
  • 5 points non-linear function
  • High stability for Automatic cheek & adjustments
  • Low pressure loss

Technical Specifications of Vortex Flowmeter

DN DN 25 to DN 3000
Medium liquid, gas, steam
Pressure < 2.5MPa
Output signal ElectricityL: 4-2m ADC. Pulse frequency: 0-500Hz
Communication interface RS-485, MODBUS, HART, GPRS
Environment = Temperature -40 - +60'C, Humidity. 5% - 90%
Accuracy + 0.5%, +1%
Repeatability 0.2%
Protect class IP65, IP68
Explosion-proof Exd (ib) m 11 CT3-T6, Exd 11 BT2-T5

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