Woltman Flowmeter

Woltman Flowmeter

Horizontal Woltmann Water Meter with large turn-down is used for accurate measurement of water distribution.


  • Available in sizes NB 40 mm to 500 mm, 
  • Velocity type meter\ Superior accuracy
  • Highly sensitive to low flow rate and very accurate over its entire flow range.
  • Long-term reliability & stability of the measuring results.
  • These are manufactured strictly as per latest International standards confirming to ISO 4064 Class B.
  • Maintenance-free long working life.
  • Seal Against Tempering


  • Body: Cast Iron / Brass, Corrosion Proof Copper Alloy
  • Manufacturing, Inspection, Standard: ISO - 4064/1
  • Class - 'B', Ends: Flanged to ISS
  • Water Operating Temp.: 45  0C
  • Test Pressure: 16 kg/cm2, Metering Accuracy - (+/-) 2%
  • Size Range: 40 to 500 mm (2" to 20") dia

Working Principle

Woltman meters measure the velocity of the water flowing through with the help of a turbine. The volume is mechanically calculated, through the known section area and indicated with the roller counters in cubic meters. The unique form of the “paddle wheels” enables the Woltman meters to cover a very large measuring range with especially low head loss. They also reliably start measuring with small water quantities.

In the horizontal axis Woltman meters, the turbine shaft is arranged parallel to the axis of the pipeline. The rotation of the turbine is transmitted through a worm gear to the dry dial counter. A very large diameter range of DN 40 to DN 500 can be covered with this construction. A very robust construction, little head loss.

Inlet and outlet bearings are specially designed to withstand natural hydraulic thrust. It prolongs the life of the moving parts and end result is long term accuracy of water meter. Transmission of propeller rotation is protected and direct magnetic drive ensures register is sealed from water.


Water Distribution Network
lndustrial / Commercial Water Supply
ETP Plant, Pharmaceutical, PWD

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