We are one of the leading manufacturers in India of high quality Rotameters like Glass Tube Rotameters, Purge Rotameters, Metal Tube Rotameters, High Volume Acrylic Body Rotameters, Low Volume Acrylic Body Rotameters, Bye Pass Rotameters Mainly used for measuring rated flow of liquid and gases. It is basically a variable area flow meter. The differential pressure across the annulus area is constant and the flow rate is measured as a function of the annulus area created by ‘Float’ position.

Glass Tube Rotameters :

Glass Tube Rotameters

Operating Principle : Glass Tube Rotameter is basically a Variable Area Flow Meter. The differential pressure across the annulus area is constant and the flow rate is measured as a function of the annulus area. Glass Tube Rotameters consist of a tapered glass tube mounted vertically in a frame with the small diameter at the bottom and large end up. The tube contains a free moving float that rests on the stopper at the base of the tube. When the liquid flows, the float rises until its weight is balanced by the up thrust of the fluid and the float reaches a position of equilibrium. At this position it indicates the instantaneous rate of flow. The flow rate can be read from the adjacent scale..


End connections can be rotated through 360 Deg

  • Connection orientation
  • Top & Bottom, rear, bottom and rear, rear and top
  • Tube can be changed without disconnecting the meter from the line
  • Detachable scale with flow in customers engineering units

Available Sizes:

  • 15 NB to 100 NB


  • 2.5 to 40,000 LPH of water at ambient temperature.
  • 0.1 to 300 Nm³/hr of air at NTP


  • ± 2% of FSD.


  • High & Low Flow Alarms.
  • Steam Jacket.

Material of Construction:

Available in CS, SS-304, SS-316 Poly Propelene. P.T.F.E. Lined.
Flanged, Screwed or Hose connections

Neoprene/ Teflon/ Silicon/ Viton Packing

  • MS/ CS Powder coated Frame as standard and SS optional
  • Aluminum frame with safety glass/ acrylic window
  • CS/SS 304/SS 316 bolts

METAL TUBE Rotameters

METAL TUBE Rotameters

Metal tube Rotameters are recommended for liquids or gases where process or operating conditions make all-metal construction desirable. This type of Rotameter is also useful for metering opaque fluids. These are very rugged and robust yet inexpensive for flow rate indication purposes. They can be used for opaque and turbid fluids at high operating temperature and pressures. The Flow is indicated by a pointer, which is magnetically coupled with the float that rises in a tapered tube with increase in flow.


 Line Size From 15 NB To 100 NB

  • Flow Range Between 25 To 63000 LPH
  • Face To Face Distance : 250 mm.
  • Accuracy: +/- 2% Of Full Scale

SS/ Teflon lined body 

  • Die-cast Aluminum housing with Aluminum pointer and SS 304 hardware
  • High Pressure and Temperature service
  • Linear flow reading and output signals
  • Easy to read local display
  • Line size from 1/2" to 4"
  • Flow 100 to 70000 LPH for water and 2000 m3/hr for air
  • Flanged connections to any standard ASA, BST, DIN etc.


Purge Rotameter

These are ideal for laboratory or instrumentation applications. Mounting can be panel or by optional tripoid base. Available in complete acrylic body or stainless steel body with glass metering tube. Purge Rotameters are economical and suitable for low flow rate indication for fluids. These are available in all standard material of construction and can be offered with a flow regulating needle valve to give a constant flow irrespective of the supply or upstream pressure.


  • Suitable for Gas liquid flows for a maximum temp of 95 Deg C
  • Customized scale for readout in any desired unit
  • Attractive appearance for panel mounting
  • Wide choice of material to suit all applications
  • 1/4", 1/2" threaded rear and top connections
  • Transparent acrylic/ glass cover
  • Optional differential pressure regulator and alarms.
  • Acrylic cover
  • Ranges between - 26 - 260 to 185 - 1850 NLPH of Air
  • Various Materials of Constructions :- MS / SS304 / SS316 / Brass
  • Connections :- 1/4 BSP / NPT (F) Back - Back / Bottom - Top
  • Clear Acrylic Cover Provides visibility From 3 sides
  • Accuracy :- +/- 2% of full scale.
  • 0.6 to 160 LPH for water and 10 to 4500 NLPH at NTP for air Accuracy +/-3% of for full scale
Ranges between - 26 - 260 to 185 - 1850 NLPH of Air.

BY PASS Rotameters :

By Pass Rotameter

By-pass Rotameters are suitable for economical measurement of flow in larger pipelines generally 2" NB to 14" NB. The construction is simple and reliable consisting of orifice plate with carrier ring and a shunt Rotameter. The flow rate through the Rotameter is proportional to the pressure drop across the orifice plate created by the main flow and is calibrated accordingly. During installation care should be taken to ensure laminar flow in the pipe section. Orifice plate dimensions are based on ISA/ ISO/BS standards.

By Pass Rotameter is an inference type Flow Meter.

Differential pressure 'DP ' is created in the main flow by providing an Orifice Plate in the main Pipe line. Because of this differential pressure a branch of flow moves through by- pass line provided across the orifice plate from up- stream side to down -stream side of Orifice Plat

By-Pass Rotameters are the most economical solution for flow measurement in large pipe lines and for large rate of flow but the use is limited to solid particles and slurries that tend to clog the range orifice and may result in malfunctioning.


  • SS304/ SS316 Orifice plate
  • CS/Forged and SS Carrier Rings/Flanges
  • Accuracy +/-2% of full flow
  • Also available without main line flanges
  • Optional alarms and 4-20 mA output

Range:  From 0 to 10000 mWc, VAC 0 to -760 mmHg