Oval Gear Flowmeter

Oval Gear PD Flow Meter

Oval meters are instruments used for the continuous and intermittent measurement and control of the pipe liquid flow ,which are typical of Volumetric flowmeter, feature large flow range ,low pressure loss, large viscosity range ,easy installation, high accuracy and can measure high temperature,high viscosity liquids with easy calibration .the meters are widely used for the flow measurement in the field of petroleum, chemical,chemical fiber,traffic,food industries and commerce,medical and sanitary departments.

Oval Gear PD Flow Meter


The oval gear flow meter is a kind of Positive Displacement Flow Meter. As the fluid being measured passes thru the meter, it rotates 2 oval gears in measuring cavity to displace a precise volume of fluid. A sensor detects the gear rotation to determine displaced volume and flow rate.

Fluid pressure rotates the oval gear, Figure 1. In position (a), the fluid exerts a clockwise driving force on gear A. there is no driving force on gear B. It is perpendicular to the flow so the fluid forces are balanced around the shaft. As the gear rotate to position (b), the fluid being to exert a force on gear B. At position (c), all the driving force is on the gear B. This alternating driving force provides a smooth rotation of almost constant torque. The meter design minimizes the slippage between the gears and the measuring cavity wall. As a result, the oval meter is less affected than other designs by the liquid’s viscosity and lubricity.

Some of the salient features due to which they have gained huge popularity in the market are high-precision, performance and durability. Oval Gear PD Flow Meter


  • Only Two Moving Parts
  • Higher Accuracy, 0.5% or 0.2%
  • Standard Viscosity up to 5,000 cP (Centipoises = mPa.s)
  • Size of wide flow ranges 0.04-340 M3/h (18-37,396GPM).
  • Wide range of working environment –20 ~ +280oC
  • Body available Cast Iron, Cast Steel, and Stainless Steel.


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