Fuel Consumption Flowmeter

Electromagnetic Flowmeter

Fuel Flow Meter is a kind of positive displacement meter to measure the liquid flow or instantaneous flow of the pipe tube. The flow meter is ideally designed for accurate measurement of the diesel engine consumption of any automobile like trucks, buses, construction machinery, agricultural machinery, riverboats or other diesel locomotives. It is a kind of accumulate meter which proven their reliability by ensuring fuel cost savings of up to 30% or even more, depending upon the type of application area. With characteristics of high accuracy, small change by the fluid viscosity, it is widely used to measure oil kind liquid, but it is forbidden to measure corrosive liquid.


Diesel Generator Fuel Consumption Meter
Fuel consumption meter use for measuring fuel consumption at diesel generator, diesel engine base vehicle and equipment and other fuel base generator,
Fuel consumption meter is creation from two fuel flow sensor and one fuel calculator

Fuel sensor is oval gear flow sensor, its measure and calculate total diesel quantity pass from diesel tank to engine (a) and excess diesel return from engine to diesel tank (b), and after know both diesel quantity its easy to calculate total fuel consumption of diesel generator (c) = (a) - (b), and its our surety that our system accuracy: 0.5 % of real consumption, 

The fuel calculator measure and calculate both fuel flow sensor fuel qty, Online flow rate, fuel passing time and fuel consumption , also it is optionally able to provide RS-485/RS-232 / pulse output against fix use qty for connect with GPS and GPRS modem,

Fuel consumption meter for minimum 20 HP to 5000 HP diesel engine, diesel generator, 


Accuracy (standard installation position):0.1 % fsd
Power : 5 Vdc to 24 Vdc
Calibration: easy to calibrate both connect fuel flow sensor .
Fuel consumption meter available with digital output for connect to GPRS or GPS system system to monitoring vehicle fuel data via computer

  • Indicate total fuel consumption and flow rate by diesel generator
  • Indicate total fuel supply and flow rate toward engine
  • Indicate total fuel return and flow rate from engine
  • indicate total time of fuel consume with fuel supply and return time
  • Fuel measurement via positive displacement Base principle
  • Suitable with all diesel engine
  • It define you an accurate consumption of fuel so difficult to theft fuel from vehicle


Automobile vehicle: Truck, Tanker, Dumper, Tractor, School bus, taxi, diesel car 
Heavy equipment and vehicle from Mines, Infrastructure, Construction , Real estate, Earth moving , Mineral industries, equipment and vehicle 
Marine equipment: river boats, ship and other marine equipment 
Diesel generator and diesel engine 
Mobile tower and telecom industries 

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