Offered Final Specification

Products shall be cleaned as individual components to be free of burrs. Chips, loose particles, oil, grease and other contaminants. The unaided eye under bright illumination shall inspect components. Components shall be protected from contamination after cleaning. Assembled products shall be lubricated as required by product specifications. Finished products shall be packaged and boxed for protection from contamination and damage during shipment and storage. Packages shall be marked for identification.
Components are de-burred by mechanical, chemical, electrochemical or other suitable means to remove burrs and break sharp edges as required. Oil, grease and loose particles are removed by cleaning with non-ozone-depleting chemicals.


We have the in-house facilities available for International Sea worthy packaging. Wooden / Corrugated / plastic boxes specially made for the volumetric dimensions of tools & other packaging materials (if required) to make them reach safe to you

Reports & Certifications

To ensure the current worldwide standards specification & other parameters perfection & performance, we supply inspection reports to justify all technical parameters for testing quality & its originality, we also provide further raw material inspection reports(if required by the client)